candle faq

What are your candles made of?
Our wax blend is made up of natural soy wax. They are eco friendly and vegan friendly. Sourced from RSPO certified suppliers to ensure our support for the the environment.

Are the potted candles in a real terracotta pot?
Yes! We source all our terracotta pots from a local plant supplier.


Where are your candles made?
All of our candles are made by hand in our studio in West Auckland, New Zealand.


Why does my candle form a tunnel when it burns?
Tunneling in candles is very common, it is also known as a “melt ring”. It happens when a candle burns only from the center creating thick wax residual around the walls of a jar candle or a pillar candle because the wax did not melt all the way across the edges. Allow your candles to burn for at least one hour per inch of diameter to avoid tunneling, and allow the wax melt pool to reach across the edges.


Why does my candles have a different shade to the one in the photo?
Each and every faith&joy candle is uniquely hand poured from a small batch, the dyes can differ in shade and therefore may tint the wax differently each time.


Why does my candle look like it has "wet spots" or is "frosty"?
These are NOT flaws in the candles but natural characteristics of pure soy wax preservatives in soy candles. Neither of these characteristics, in any way, affect the scent throw or burning properties of the candles.


Do you offer any discounts on large orders?
Yes! For more information on bulk pricing and quantity price breaks, contact us. Some examples of large orders we’re happy to accommodate are:

  • Wholesales
  • Candles as wedding favors or baby shower gifts
  • Candles as a gift to your clients or vendors