Care Guide

General Candle Care

  • Never leave your candle burning unattended.
  • Keep your candle out of reach of children and pets.
  • Never burn your candle on or near anything that might catch fire.
  • Be sure your candle is placed on a stable, heat-resistant surface.
  • Keep burning candles away from any drafts.
  • Don’t burn your candle all the way down -  leave 1/2 inch of wax in the bottom of the container.
  • Never touch or move a burning candle when the wax is liquid.
  • Place burning candles at least 10cm apart from one another.
  • Use a snuffer to avoid hot wax splattering, and never use water to put out the flame.
  • Trim your wick before burning so the flame doesn't smoke, flicker or rise too high.


Terrarium Candle Care

  • The vessel may be hot when lit, so please avoid carrying it around.
  • For the Garden of Eden, do not use the lid when lighting it as it will extinguish the flame
  • Please ensure all wicks are lit or the candle will not burn evenly
  • Not all edges will be melted down 
  • Make sure the succulents don't topple over and extinguish the wick


Potted Candle Care

  • The pot may be hot when lit so avoid moving it around
  • The wax will overflow so be sure to place it on a heat safe dish
  • It might not burn all the way to the edge of the succulent
  • Be sure the bits of the succulent doesn't topple into the wick and extinguish the flame


Jewellery Care

• Keep away from moisture
• Remove when sleeping
• Store in a cool, dry place
• Remove before exercising
• Avoid direct contact with perfumes and lotion